Setting the Standard

Redefining Logistics

with Excellence

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We're pioneers, constantly exploring innovative ways to advance our services and lead the logistics industry.

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We uphold respect as vital, nurturing trusted relationships with our clients and partners through integrity and consideration.

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We achieve greatness together, combining efforts to enhance efficiency, add value, and secure collective success.

A Legacy of Excellence

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A Tradition of Trust

With over 30 years of combined experience, CMB Freight has been at the forefront of logistics, pioneering solutions that have reshaped the industry. Our journey is a chronicle of commitment and progress, anchored by a reputation for reliability and the promise of quality service.

Our heritage is rich with innovation, a testament to our adaptability and foresight. We've embraced each new technological era with a visionary approach, ensuring that each client benefits from the latest advancements in logistics and supply chain management.

At the heart of our longevity are the enduring partnerships we've cultivated. Our clients and carriers trust us because we invest deeply in their success, working collaboratively to navigate the complex demands of modern commerce with expertise and integrity.


Our Team:
The Heart of Our Operations

We're more than a team at CMB Freight; we're a dynamic force driving the industry forward. Each member of our diverse staff is selected for their unique skills, shared vision, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

From logistics strategists to customer service champions, it’s their dedication that empowers our progress and defines our success.

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The Fleet:
The Backbone of Our Operations

Leveraging the exceptional capabilities of our dedicated partners, our operational excellence is heightened by their cutting-edge fleet. Their state-of-the-art technology ensures swift and precise deliveries, surpassing geographical constraints.

In collaboration with premier carriers, their commitment to sustainability shines through, as their eco-friendly fleet prioritizes efficiency while aligning with our shared dedication to excellence and environmental responsibility. This strategic partnership seamlessly combines advanced logistics with a steadfast commitment to a greener future.

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Max Doe


"Top-tier logistics by CMB Freight keeps our operations smooth and efficient."

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Katarina Doe


"Top-tier logistics by CMB Freight keeps our operations smooth and efficient."

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Aram Doe


"Top-tier logistics by CMB Freight keeps our operations smooth and efficient."

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